Status Update

Things are moving along, if more slowly than I would have liked. But rest assured dear reader(s), this thing will be out before Christmas, I swear. (There will be a ton of Kindles bought this holiday season–who doesn’t want to tap that action?) I incorporated the latest round of beta (or is it more like gamma at this point?) reader feedback. Now I am using the text-to-speech feature of the Kindle to do a last listen-through, as often the ears will pick up something that the eyes have gotten accustomed to glossing over. I’m about 1/3 of the way through, and this method has already picked up a number of easily missed typos. The things I go through to create a professional product…

Anyway, as you can see from the cover already on the site, the book is titled Shadows of the Underwizard, and is the first part of new fantasy series called The Godhead Wars. If you are reading this near the time of posting, you probably already knew that.

Also, my patient ones, keep in mind that I am doing this concurrently with finals as a senior in an engineering program. It’s just my particular brand of madness, I suppose.

If you want hard-ish numbers I think the final manuscript will be ready by the end of the weekend. I would like to have the Kindle and paperback versions available at the same time, and it will take me a few days after that to receive the paperback proof. Other outlets will likely become available after Amazon.

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